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GDPR Policy

Our Data Protection Officer is Data Protection Education for Brooke Weston Trust.

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Teaching School Hub Council Code of Conduct

The success of individual Teaching School Hubs (TSHs) and the programme as a whole will be determined not just by what hubs do, but how they go about doing it. The ‘what’ of TSHs is set out clearly in the documents pertaining to designation, the TSH Handbook and the Teaching School Hubs Council (TSHC) Framework. The ‘how’, whilst equally important, is less well defined. The Code of Conduct therefore sets a minimum standard for how hubs go about their work, to which hubs can hold themselves and each other to account.

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Our partners' policies:

If you are a participant on a programme delivered by the Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub in partnership with another organisation, please look first at the partner organisation’s relevant policy as this may supersede the Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub policy.

Ambition Institute & the NPQs

Teach First & the ECF