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Who we are

Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub was designated by the DfE as a centre of excellence for teacher development in Northamptonshire with Brooke Weston Academy named as the lead school. Both Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub and Brooke Weston Academy are part of the Brooke Weston Trust (BWT) family.

Through collaboration and partnership with the best of national providers, local partners, research school and curriculum hubs, Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub delivers core functions to support schools and trusts to invest in their workforce to grow, recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers, support staff and leaders across the golden thread of teacher development.

DfE designation as a Centre of Excellence for teacher development

Teaching Schools Hubs are a national network of 87 school-led centres of excellence. As part of the DfE's world-class teacher development system, teaching school hubs are transforming the training and support received by teachers at every stage of their career. The teacher development reforms create a 'golden thread' of high-quality evidence underpinning the support, training and development available through the entirety of a teacher's career.

Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub

  • Forms a powerful community of expertise in Northamptonshire, through partner schools and organisations both regionally and nationally
  • Is aspirational about the future of teaching, learning and leadership across all 330 schools in Northamptonshire
  • Is inclusive of every type and phase of education.
Our vision

Grow teacher and leader expertise for every school, to the advantage of every child.

Our mission

A centre of excellence for every teacher and leader in Northamptonshire.

Part of the Brooke Weston Trust family

Brooke Weston Trust’s mission is to transform educational performance in communities where they work through their long-term commitment to improve student achievement and remove barriers to learning while providing opportunities for personal development. We are committed to transforming schools within the Trust, to providing students with the ‘tickets for life’ for further education, employment or other destinations beyond school.

At Brooke Weston Trust our five core values are: Ambition for all, High expectations, Excellent teaching and support, Working together and contributing to society. These values support our mission and shape every aspect of our culture. For more information, please visit the Brooke Weston Trust website.