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Keynote speakers

Heard, Held, Healed, (creating a sense of belonging) Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Drawing together guiding principles of inclusion and trauma-informed practice, this session answers the question ‘Who do I need to be?’ for all leaders and practitioners hoping to enable children to thrive in the current context. With themes including listening, belonging, safety and pride you’ll go away with a framework of best practice and a range of ideas to make it happen. 

Understanding & Responding to ESBA,  Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Why do some children struggle to come to school and what can we do about it?” is the question that sits at the heart of this keynote. You’ll learn how to get to the heart of the issue and how to develop sustainable child-centred action plans to enable school attendance, engagement and enjoyment. Pooky’s simple framework can easily be used to develop a whole school approach or tailored to support individuals and will leave you inspired and empowered to support children who had, until now, felt unreachable.

Pupil Wellbeing: The Decline in Emotional, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing - Edurio

Session Brief

Explore the decline in pupil emotional, physical, and social wellbeing, drawing from Edurio's insights. Uncover actionable strategies to address these challenges and promote a supportive school environment.

Session Synopsis

Delve into the comprehensive findings from Edurio's Pupil Wellbeing Report 2023 to dissect the concerning decline in emotional, physical, and social wellbeing among students. This session offers a deep dive into the root causes and manifestations of these challenges, providing invaluable insights for educators and school leaders.

With a wealth of data and analysis at your fingertips, explore the nuanced factors contributing to this decline and uncover potential solutions. From heightened academic pressures to the pervasive influence of digital media, gain a holistic understanding of the multifaceted issues impacting pupil wellbeing in today's educational landscape.

Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, discover practical strategies and interventions to bolster student resilience and foster a supportive school environment. Learn how to implement targeted interventions that address the specific needs of your student body, empowering them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Join us in this illuminating session to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a positive impact on pupil wellbeing in your school community. Together, let's work towards creating a healthier and happier learning environment for all students.

Key Note Speaker Bio

Iona leads the research team at Edurio, focused on the development and understanding of stakeholder feedback surveys for the education sector. In 2021, Edurio launched their Pupil Learning Experience and Wellbeing Review. Iona led the analysis on this topic, working with industry experts to understand what the current position means for the sector, and where to go from here.

Young People, Mental Health and Serious Violence

Northamptonshire Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

On 31st January 2023 the Government launched the serious violence duty. This delivered a statutory responsibility for Police, Fire and Rescue Authorities, Youth Services, Local Authorities and Integrated Care Boards to work together to better share information relating to violence, to define serious violence in their locality, to understand as far as possible the causal factors and to develop a strategy and action plan to reduce it.

In Northamptonshire these statutory partners have delivered a Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA) and Strategy. The SNA reveals data and information relating to the involvement of both young people and mental health in the commission of serious violence.

As well as the 5 statutory authorities the duty creates two responsible authorities in Education nd Prison and Youth Custody Providers who are to be consulted with on an ongoing basis in the delivery of the duty.

The presentation will deliver and explore some of the key findings of the SNA, especially in relation to young people and mental health, as well as early indications as to where additional interventions could be delivered.

He was previously a Police Officer in Northamptonshire for 32 years and has a wealth of experience of working in a collaborative partnership arena, as well as having been a senior investigating officer, crisis negotiator and Strategic Firearms Commander.

He is a passionate advocate of ensuring young people are supported to flourish both through education and in terms of life skills more generally.

Key Note Speaker Bio

Paul Fell is a Director in the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire.

His portfolio includes Community Safety Partnerships, Crime Reduction and Operations, Technology and Digital Innovation, Customer Service and Police Complaints, as well as a role in relation to governance and accountability for the Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer.