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Delivery of ITT: our strategic role

This information is for ITT providers and schools in our region.

In addition to our role as a SCITT with partners Teach First, NTSH will be an advocate for high-quality ITT in Northamptonshire and will have responsibilities on behalf of DfE relating to ITT delivery in our Hub area.

What is Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub’s role?

As a Teaching School Hub we are required in our designation to maintain active involvement in the delivery of ITT. We currently do this as a SCITT partner with Teach First and as setout in recommendation 10 of the ITT Market Review report, July 2021.

Recommendation 10: teaching school hubs should partner with an accredited provider to play a role in the delivery of ITT (unless they are operating at accredited provider level). DfE should place a requirement on teaching school hubs to support local ITT delivery in specific strategic ways as required, for example through building school capacity for ITT by building an active mentor network in the local area, providing specific support for schools serving disadvantaged communities to enable them to engage with ITT, or modelling high-quality intensive practice placements for other schools undertaking this aspect of ITT for the first time."


Increasing school engagement

  1. Increase school engagement in ITT across the TSH region
  2. Find and support Intensive Training and Practice across the THS region

As a TSH, we will:

  • work with schools and ITT providers to understand the local market, context and challenges.
  • raise the awareness of ITT and fight misinformation and encourage increased engagement, especially in cold-spot and areas of disadvantage

Our activities will include:

Mapping school involvement in ITT

Key information for ITT for providers and schools: